Moongourd Donations

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What does Moongourd do with your money?

1. Pay the server bill (i.e. bandwidth and server usage)

2. Pay administrative bills (e.g. domain, email, SSL, etc)

That's basically it. 100% of your donations go towards keeping Moongourd up and running.

Why is it $5?

You only need to donate once to permanently receive Moongourd's donation bonuses.

The site that came before Moongourd had a $2.50 monthly sub. A $5 one-time fee is better, right?

If EME can get away with charging $25 for a non-dyeable costume, we can get away with charging $5 for a dyeable icon.

No PayPal Account?

After clicking on the PayPal donate button, select 'Donate with a Card' instead of 'Donate with PayPal'.

If you don't have a PayPal account or a debit/credit card, there's nothing we can do. Sorry!

Please direct payment issues to or teri#9999 on Discord.

Don't like Moongourd's monetization model?

Save your money; no hard feelings. You'll still have access to over 95% of the site as a free user.

Remember that Moongourd's donation perks are just random bonus features and only exist to help pay for the website.

If you decide to donate, we'd like to thank you for supporting the site. Hopefully it doesn't feel like you wasted $5.